Painted Champagne Bottles

Sold out for the season! Check back for availability in the Fall! 

Want to commemorate your special occasion with a uniquely personalized gift? Look no further than a custom LWT Painted Bottle! Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly, so why not turn that bottle into a beautiful keepsake you can have to remember your special day? 

Pricing: Bottles are $200 for the painting and you provide the bottle

Timing: Painted bottles take 4-6 weeks to complete. 

Drop off and Pickup: Because of laws regarding the purchasing, sale, and shipping of alcohol, Laura is not able to purchase or ship bottles. Bottles can only be dropped off and picked up from Laura's home studio in Prairieville, La. 

Whether it's for your wedding, an engagement gift, anniversary present, or a way to remember that big birthday, why not celebrate with something you can enjoy now AND forever? See the slideshow above or scroll through Laura's instagram feed to get some ideas on how LWT can make your special occasion something to remember!

Ready to place an order and request availability? Contact me here!