Laura W. Taylor is a Baton Rouge based painter enjoying life with her husband, precious boy and girl, her loyal pups, a bunny, some chickens, and a studio cat. Laura graduated from LSU School of Art + Design May 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing. She strives to bring her viewers joy through each painting she creates, whether filled with bold colors or serene landscapes on canvas or ceramic surfaces. 

A childhood of coloring on walls and fringing paper led me into a lifestyle of compulsion to create. Today I spend my time painting--knowing that for whatever reason God has given me the urge and the ability to push paint.

I work quickly and revisit paintings in layers until they are pleasing to my eye. Most people say my style of painting is impressionism but I call it "loose, bold, and lots of brushstrokes."

I don't strive for realism but for the magic of chunky brushstrokes that come together to make an image we all know and relate to. I am drawn to lines in the human body, bright colors, and finding beauty in the ordinary. My work is the outcome of thousands of images going in and a few making their way back out... turning into jewelry for your walls.