Live Wedding Painting


Live wedding paintings are done at the location of your wedding: either at the ceremony, or more commonly, the reception. On the day of the event, I prefer to arrive at the venue one hour early to set up and begin painting the background of the venue. This insures that once the bride and groom arrive, all of my attention to painting and detail will be on the happy couple and their guests.

Live painting not only produces a keepsake for the couple to display in their new home but is also entertainment for the wedding guests. I am open, and I encourage guests to come and interact during the painting process.

During a typical three-hour event, such as a wedding reception, I will bring your painting from a blank canvas to a finished piece. My paintings are loose and expressive—without catering to many facial details—but still capture your special day.
Most venues can provide an easel waiting at the “guest gift” table for the finished product so that your guests can admire your painting as they leave the wedding.
For shorter receptions or wedding ceremonies, I will paint as much as can be done in the allotted time and will finish the painting at my studio. In this case, photographs will be taken as reference and the painting can be picked up or shipped upon completion. In the case that I feel the painting is not complete at the end of an event, even for a three or more hour event, I reserve the right to take it to the studio and finish it.

Any venue outside of the Baton Rouge area will require travel fees. Mileage will be calculated and added to your total cost. Any venue greater than 3 hours from Baton Rouge will be added mileage and hotel fees. Airfare will be added if needed.

All costs include a gallery-wrapped canvas, all materials needed to make the painting, the artist’s time and presence at the venue. Not included in the cost: potential travel fees.
A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve the wedding date and painting must be paid for in full one week prior to the event.

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Painted Champagne Bottles

Painted Champagne Bottles Currently Available for Live Wedding Painting Clients Only

Want to commemorate your special occasion with a uniquely personalized gift? Look no further than a custom LWT Painted Bottle! Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly, so why not turn that bottle into a beautiful keepsake you can have to remember your special day? 

Pricing: Bottles are $250 for the painting and you provide the bottle

Timing: Painted bottles take 4-6 weeks to complete. 

Drop off and Pickup: Because of laws regarding the purchasing, sale, and shipping of alcohol, Laura is not able to purchase or ship bottles. Bottles can only be dropped off and picked up from Laura's home studio in Prairieville, La. 

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