InRegister Spring 2019 Wedding Paintings

InRegister Spring 2019 Wedding Paintings

Hey friends!

I've decided to utilize a blog format to share my current works, live weddings, and all the things that go into being a painter, Mama, and all the chaos in between. 

Thanks for following and joining me along in this journey. 

xo-  LWT

InRegister 2019 Weddings Issue Recap

inRegister recently released their 2019 Weddings Issue, which is always fun to see. I love to see all the unique weddings- especially the ones I painted at! This year's issue had 3 of the weddings I live painted featured. I'm always so grateful to paint at any and all weddings-what an important day to invite me to be a part of- and I love when the bride, groom, planners, and vendors get recognition for all the work they put into the celebration... 

Here are the three weddings I was a part of that were selected as Signature Weddings....

 Katherine and Myles

De La Ronde Hall

De La Ronde Hall Live Wedding Painting

Every time I get to paint at De La Ronde Hall it brings back the best memories because it's where Nick and I had our reception. Now I have painted 5 more weddings in this space and that's really cool (I'm super sentimental.)

Katherine and Myles were undoubtably loved by all their guests and you could feel that in the room. I'm also  SUCKER for a classic, Southern wedding and this one had all the traits of a good ole' perfect wedding. 

Coordinated by KBCook Weddings  

Hannah and Taylor

Hilton Capitol Center

Hilton Baton Rouge Live Wedding Painting 

 The live painting was a surprise for Hannah; she had no idea! I always get a little extra giddy (like the good kind of anxiety) if the bride doesn't know I'll be there... I love to see the faces and the excitement of the receiver AND the giver. 

This wedding was STUNNING. Like- had to Facetime my sister in Hawaii to show her the decor and flowers- stunning. The couple was beautiful and the way Ali Sims transformed the Hilton Ballroom into a white wonderland was perfection. 

Coordinated by Ali Sims Weddings and Events


Kirby and Matt

Capitol Park Museum

Capitol Park Baton Rouge Museum Live Wedding Painting Capitol Building 

Every time I see this painting 1. I think of how much I love it with the capitol and blues throughout the painting and 2. the jump ropers. 

Bride, Kirby, is a jump roper and her professional jump roping friends put on a show, mid-reception, accompanied by bride + bridesmaids busting out light up tennis shoes for the double dutch on the dance floor. So fun and so unique. I love when weddings tell me more about the couple. 

Coordinated by KBCook Weddings

Thanks to all my brides for letting me celebrate y'all while doing what I love! xo- Laura 

You can read the full issue of this year's InRegister Weddings here.

You can learn more about my live wedding paintings here.  




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