Summer 2019 Weddings

Summer 2019 Weddings

Hey friends!

I've decided to utilize a blog format to share my current works, live weddings, and all the things that go into being a painter, Mama, and everything in between. 

Think "less words" and "more pictures!"

Thanks for following and joining me along in this journey. 

xo-  LWT

I had the privilege of being a part of some special weddings this summer! I'm partial to summer weddings (we got married in August!).

Let me know what y'all think! 

De La Ronde Wedding Reception, Baton Rouge

This wedding painting was a wedding day SURPRISE to the bride, gifted by her bridesmaids- which I love! They told the bride the morning of her wedding with a note.... I'm pretty sure the last time I was a bridesmaid all I brought my bride-friend was a Diet Coke from Sonic. Sorry, Hannah. 

Laura W Taylor Live Wedding Painting at De La Ronde Hall


Lamar Dixon Chapel, Gonzales

Y'all... I am from Baton Rouge and have painted weddings since 2015 and never knew this treasure existed! The sweetest little Acadian chapel at the top of a hill! Loved the church and loved the couple even more. These two actually bought our house back in March and it makes me so happy to know 1. newly weds are starting their story there like we did and 2. my painting is there in our house that I loved so much. 

Laura W Taylor Live Wedding Painting at The Lamar Dixon Chapel

Parc 73, Prairieville 

A perfect ceremony and reception for such a deserving couple! Everything about this wedding was customized to fit the couple and I love that. I also love when you can tell all the guests genuinely love the couple and are so thrilled to see them married. I love that this bride chose a combination painting of both their ceremony and guests at the reception- something that I offer when the ceremony and reception are at the same location!

The Renaissance Hotel, Baton Rouge 

The flowers. That's all I can say. I WISH I could give the florist credit but it was a family friend who only does flowers for friends so... I can only dream of them. This painting being another surprise to the bride, happy Meals to-go and an amazing band rounded out the night to make an AMAZING party!


Country Club of Louisiana, Baton Rouge

The father-of-the-bride emailed me and secretly booked me to surprise the bride, groom, and his wife. I love surprises.. how sweet?! The bride's sister told her dad that he "set the bar high!" haha... This was my first wedding back at CCL after its renovation and it's beautiful... those windows over the golf course are my fave... and the chandeliers.... and mostly everything about this venue.

Thank y'all so much for reading! Xo.  


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